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"When I was first introduced to J and A Positive Imaging I was introduced to my counselor who has helped me along the way.  she did not only provide help for me but for my son as well helping us get him into programs and be around programs that will benefit him in the long run J and a positive imaging has been a great help to me the last couple of years and I would highly recommend them to anyone who seeks help. The staff are friendly and easy to talk too. They have my vote."   



I am very thankful for the role J&A has played in my growth. My goal was to get back to feeling independent and confident in my decision making. Today, I am a college graduate, I have a great job and feel very confident in my decision making. Even if I am scared, I go for it! Any excuse that you can think of to give up, this team is right there to keep you going and cheer you on. I am very thankful and make it my duty to tell everyone I know about this PRP group!
I had gotten to a point of feeling like I had hit rock bottom. I didn't have a job for 3 years, I was failing school, I didn't have a place to call my own, etc. I was just down. I hit an all time low....crying myself to sleep, low self esteem, staying away from friends, not cleaning, spending money recklessly. etc. However, every time I attempted to give up, J&A made sure that I didn't have an excuse to give up. Example, I had quit school for five years and returned during my depression. I was failing school when I first came to J&A. However, I ended up graduating with great grades. School had gotten so well for me that I was tutoring some of my  classmates! One time my laptop broke and I was able to go into the J&A offices to complete my work.  Here's a few additional examples: 
Self Care Training - my PRP rep came to my house weekly to ensure that I was eating properly, going to my doctor appointments and keeping my living space clean. 
Social Skills - I was offered group programs where I could attend and interact with other women going through the same things! 
Independent Living/Community Living Skills - I was assisted with coming up with a budget/salary that I would need to reach independence before graduating! And this week, I am able to officially put that budget to use since I started a new job! My PRP rep even helped me with job applications/resumes after I graduated. 
Illness Management - I suffer from anxiety/depression. J&A made sure I was managing my illness with the necessary coping skills. The coping skills allowed me to maneuver through my daily tasks, despite the way I felt .  This is the first time in a long time that I have been able to move forward through life. My depression became a crutch for 3-5 years and now I feel like ME again. Some days I feel down, but I have tools that I can use to push me through. 
Health Promotion - I neglected my health. I didn't have a doctor at all. I finally have one! I hadn't been going to the dentist in a few years. Today, I have been going every 6 months for at least a cleaning! Also, I had gained 35 pounds due to lack of proper nutrition and exercise. However, today I have signed up for CoreLIfe to keep myself accountable for exercise and nutrition. 

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